“Winterizing” Your CSU Off-Campus Apartments For Winter Break

It’s October, meaning that winter break is on the horizon. Winter break is a popular break for a student here in Fort Collins, being that it is not nearly as long as summer break, but it is remarkably five times longer than spring break.

Some students opt to stay in Fort Fun for a couple weeks more of unsupervised shenanigans, but at some point, almost everyone turns their CSU off-campus apartment’s lights off, locks the door behind them, and heads home to be pampered by their parents.

But what is happening at your apartment while you are gone? Are you wasting money by unnecessarily running appliances and other amenities while you are gone? In today’s blog, the Landmark Apartments, your provider of apartments for rent near Colorado State University, will be discussing a few of the more important actions that you should take towards “winterizing” your apartment before you make the journey home this winter break.

Adjust The Thermostat

As a college student, you probably value the money that you have more than the average American. That being said, why would you waste your hard-earned money on heating an empty apartment? Most people like to keep their homes and apartments at an average of 68 degrees throughout the winter, but when you leave your apartment for anything longer than a couple days, it is wise to set your thermostat down to 50 or 55. By setting your thermostat to 50 or 55, you will not waste energy heating the apartment, but it will still stay warm enough that pipes will not burst, and it will be easily reheatable come to your return.

Unplug Everything

Another important thing that you can do in your apartments near CSU before leaving on winter break is to unplug all your appliances. No, we aren’t saying that you need to unplug your refrigerator, we are simply saying that you should unplug your non-essential appliances that will consume electricity whether you are there or not. The tv, mini-fridges, kitchen appliances, and computer cables can all consume electricity even when they are not in use. By unplugging all of the appliances in your home, you might surprise yourself how much power you might be able to save.

Stop Your Mail

Depending on the length of your trip, it might be in your best interest to put a temporary hold on your mail. If you are planning on being gone for multiple weeks, your mail might build up, filling your mailbox and making it different for the delivery person. Putting a hold on your mail is as simple as visiting the United States Postal Service website and listing the address of your CSU off-campus apartment.

Tell Our Staff

At the Landmark Apartments, we might be your very best resource when it comes to advice in regard to leaving your apartment unattended. Not only can we provide you with insights as to how you can save energy (and money) while you are gone, as well as keep an eye out on your apartment while you are gone! For more information on our apartments in Fort Collins near CSU, we urge you to visit our website, or contact us to ask!