Apartment Decor: Tips & Tricks

One of the largest misconceptions that we have ever heard here at the Landmark Apartments is that apartments can never have a “homey” feel because you are limited in the number of decorations that you can put up. Sure, not being able to throw a nail in the wall to hang one of your favorite pictures is a drag, but there are other ways to make an apartment feel like a home. In today’s blog, we will discuss the simplest ways to decorate your apartment. Don’t have an apartment yet? Check out our wonderful apartments for rent in Fort Collins today.

Utilize Your Lighting

One of the best ways to make an apartment feel like a home is to make the lighting easily adjustable to adapt to your mood. Sure, you can’t take your light switch off and install a dimmer switch, but you can adjust it in a much easier way. The first way to adjust the lighting is quite obvious because it is literally just buying a new light. Most lamps that are currently available have some form of dimmer function, making it extremely easy to control the light in your apartment.

Now that you have lamps to adjust the lighting during the night time you might need a way to do so during the day. Luckily, this is extremely easy to do. Installing a multi-layered curtain is the perfect way to control the amount of light that comes in. With one of the layers covering the window, a lot of light can still get in, but using all three layers, hardly any will.

There are a lot of apartments for rent in Fort Collins, CO but we think that ours is the perfect one for you. Here at the Landmark Apartments we have units that feature large windows that soak up the western light in the evening, and with the tools, we outlined above, you can choose how much of that light gets in.


One of the major reasons that people feel like they can’t be comfortable in an apartment is because they think there isn’t enough room for their stuff. While this could be a potential issue, there are ways around it (unless you simply have way more stuff than you need). Creating a large storage unit out of a recycled dresser can make for a ton of free space.

Utilize All Things Sticky

What we mean by utilizing all things sticky we simply mean that you should not be afraid to use sticky wall hangers and sticky poster pads. Sticky poster pads are perfect for holding things like posters, bulletin boards, and light mirrors on the wall without damaging the wall when you decide to move out. Sticky hooks are extremely beneficial for hanging larger things on the wall. When most people see a sticky wall hook they think that it looks weak and unable to hold a picture, when in reality some can hold up to 20 pounds.

So when you decide to move on to a house, leaving the Google search “Fort Collins apartments for rent” forever in your rearview, you can rest easy knowing that you will get your deposit back because you were responsible and used sticky hooks.

Apartments For Rent In Fort Collins: The Landmark Apartments

If you still haven’t moved past google searches like “apartments in Fort Collins” or “student apartments Fort Collins”, consider coming to visit us at the Landmark Apartments. With our various amenities and close location to the Colorado State University campus, an apartment complex in Fort Collins better than ours would be hard to find.

Contact us today to schedule a tour, or apply online to become a part of our community.


CSU Off-Campus Housing: Tips & Tricks

One of the most exciting life events that some people will ever experience is going to college. You get to pack up your things and move across the state or country to move-in with a bunch of strangers that have the potential to become some of your best friends. While going to college can be extremely exciting, it can also be one of the scariest experiences too, because after all, you are leaving your home to move somewhere that you don’t know much about.

As a freshman you will likely live on campus in the dorms with much of your life taking place on campus, but during year two, you might consider moving off-campus. The Colorado State University off-campus housing market can be extremely intimidating, as there are a multitude of different apartment complexes to choose from. Additionally, apartments near CSU tend to fill up very quickly, as students scramble to guarantee that they have somewhere to live the following year.

At The Landmark Apartments we want to help make things extremely easy for you when it comes time for you to choose where you will live. In today’s blog post we will discuss some tips and tricks for finding a quality Colorado State University off-campus housing option.

What Should You Consider When Looking For CSU Off-Campus Housing?

Finding a place to live that is affordable, close to campus, and well kept can be extremely hard, especially with the amount of older buildings present in Northern Fort Collins. Below, we have compiled a list of things to keep in mind before you commit to a 12-month lease.


One of the most important things to consider when you are looking for CSU off-campus housing is location. The proximity of the property to campus is an extremely underrated value, being that the last thing you would want to happen is to wake up late for class only to realise you live miles away from campus.

When you are preparing to find an apartment near CSU, it is extremely important that you set a maximum distance from campus that you are willing to live (some sites let you set distance). Once you set a distance you can begin to refine your search by considering factors such as amenities offered and the quality of the apartment.

If you are looking for apartments in Fort Collins, Colorado, near CSU check out The Landmark Apartments. Just a quick walk from campus, our apartments are located the perfect distance from your classes. Contact us today to inquire about our availability.


Tour Multiple Options

Once you have found a couple of potential properties it is time to begin taking tours to get a better idea of what you want. As we stated earlier, a lot of the CSU off-campus housing is older, so it is good to get a better idea of what you will be looking at. After you have made a couple appointments, tour the properties, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Once you have successfully toured multiple apartments in Fort Collins and have a better idea of what to expect, you may have an easier time finding the perfect place.

Take Pics Of Damages

After you have toured multiple places it is likely that you will begin to choose favorites, possibly prompting a second tour. If you do in fact go back for a second tour, be sure to ask questions about both the apartment, and the lease. All to often students sign leases without fully reading them and get locked in to a lease with ridiculous rules that inevitable require you to pay the landlord extra money.

How can you avoid this? Well, most of the time students get in trouble because the landlord claims that the tenant caused some form of damage, even if they hadn’t because the landlord knows that the law is on their side after you sign the lease. To avoid getting stuck paying for something that you didn’t damage, take pictures of all of the existing damages that you notice and time stamp them so that they can be produced to the landlord if they think you damages something.

Have Someone Review The Lease

As we briefly discussed above, some landlords can be potentially shady with their leases, using fine text to loop their tenants into owing more money. As a Colorado State University Student, you have a unique opportunity to ensure that that doesn’t happen. By utilizing Student Legal Services, you can protect yourself from a bad lease. Simply make an appointment online and then reap the benefits.

Other loopholes that Student Legal Services may look for involve clauses that are sometimes inserted that state you can get kicked out with little notice, clauses that would lock you in for an extended term, as well as clauses that pretty much guarantee that you wont recieve your deposit on move-out day. Here at The Landmark Apartments we have heard all too many stories of our residents getting locked into ridiculous leases at their last apartment, so be extra careful when looking for apartments near CSU.

Visit The Landmark Apartments

If you are looking for Colorado State University off-campus housing be sure to come take a tour with us at The Landmark Apartments. Our management company, Summit Management Services Inc., has been managing properties for close to 40 years, so you can feel comfortable knowing that you are in the hands of an experienced and proven rental management company.

At The Landmark Apartments we are dedicated to providing students with quality apartments in Fort Collins, Colorado, near CSU. If you would like more information on our wonderful apartments check out our amenities and our floor plans on our website. Additionally, don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions that you may have or to request a tour.

Have you already taken a tour of our apartments and community facilities? If you have, feel free to apply to rent one of our off-campus apartments today. Stay tuned to our blog for future posts.

Welcome To Our Landmark Apartments Blog

Hello, and welcome to the Landmark Apartments blog, where we will regularly discuss a multitude of topics ranging from ideas of things to do in the area to simple decorating and organizational techniques for your apartment. In today’s blog post, being that it is the first, we will be discussing some of the overarching themes that we think make the Landmark Apartments one of the premier luxury apartments in Fort Collins, Colorado.

What Do Our Apartments For Rent In Fort Collins Have To Offer?

Looking for an apartment in Fort Collins can be hard, we get it. As an apartment complex that provides Colorado State University off-campus housing to students, as well as non-student tenants, we understand the intricacies of the Fort Collins real estate market. Because of our understanding of the local real estate market, we can better tailor to our tenant’s needs, because at The Landmark Apartments we thrive off of happy tenants.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing our apartments for rent in Fort Collins, as well as the various benefits that you may see when living here.

A World Class Neighborhood

Living in Fort Collins can provide you with a plethora of benefits that you might not otherwise have in another city. From water sports to outdoor recreation to shopping to arts and entertainment to discovering Old Town, Fort Collins provides its residents with plenty of activities to choose from.

One of the largest attributes that the city of Fort Collins maintains is that while being a rather large city, it still has a small town feel. Because of this, residents may have access to all of the big city amenities while experiencing the benefits of living in a close-knit community.

Our Amenities

A quick internet search for “apartments for rent in Fort Collins” will provide you with hundreds of options, but what we are here to talk about today is what sets us apart from other apartments. Naturally, when comparing apartments you are likely to juxtapose the list of the two complexes amenities, then picking the one with the better access to amenities and services. To make it a little easier for you, we have decided to list the various amenities that our Fort Collins apartments can offer you, as one of our tenants.

Individual Amenities

As a resident of The Landmark Apartments, there are a couple of amenities that you can expect that are completely exclusive to you. Inside of your Fort Collins apartment, you can expect quality amenities like carpeted floors, a private balcony, and even a wood burning fireplace. In addition to having a well-built apartment, you will also have access to high-quality appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, and washing machines and dryers.

Do you have a lot of stuff? Don’t fret, as even our studio apartments in Fort Collins have ample storage space. To check out some of the personal amenities that you would have access to here at The Landmark Apartments, simply contact us today and schedule an appointment.

Community Amenities

As a member of our community here at The Landmark Apartments, you will also have access to communal amenities in addition to your individual amenities. Spend your summer playing outside at our heated saltwater swimming pool, volleyball court, or our horseshoe pit while you grill with your friends and other residents. Additionally, we have a state of the art fitness center and business center, so you can easily fit a workout, or get some work done during your busy schedule.

We take pride in our Fort Collins apartments, so it is important to us to provide the best service possible to our residents. Because of this, we offer 24-hour courtesy patrols and emergency maintenance so that our residents know that we are looking out for them, day and night.

If you are interested in living in our wonderful apartment community, be sure to contact us or apply today.

Multiple Floor Plans

Here at The Landmark Apartments, your apartments for rent in Fort Collins, we offer four spacious floor plans that come in one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom apartment packages. Below, we have outlined the basic specifications of each layout, but if you are interested in more, click here.

  • The Horsetooth (1BR, 1 Bath) – The Horsetooth is our premier studio apartment in Fort Collins. With 616 square feet and some extra space for yourself and your stuff, this floorplan is sure to bring a smile to your face. Check it out today.
  • The Poudre (2BR, 1.5 Bath) – The Poudre, named after our favorite local river is the first of our two bedroom apartments. This 890 square foot apartment is perfect for two, as there is enough room that you don’t necessarily need to see your roommate every second of every day. To check out the floor plan of the two-bedroom Poudre layout, click here.
  • The Thompson (1BR 1 Bath) – The second-floor plan of our two two-bedroom apartments is the Thomson. Much like the Poudre, the Thompson is 890 square feet. To view the subtle differences between the two models, click here.
  • The Vail (3BR, 3 Bath) – The Vail is the largest apartment that we offer, being 930 square feet and offering three bedrooms. With the ample amount of space provided by this apartment, it is the perfect place to live with your college buddies or to start a family.

To view the floor plans that were discussed above, be sure to visit our floor plans page on our website. If you like what you see (and we think you will), simply schedule a tour or apply online.

So Why Should You Move To The Landmark Apartments In Fort Collins?

At the Landmark Apartments, we understand the hassles of looking for a home and renting. Because of this, we decided to make finding a nice apartment in Fort Collins easier. At the Landmark Apartments, we offer various amenities and services to our tenants because we really do care.

Are you looking for student apartments in Fort Collins? Are you not a student and are looking for a Fort Collins Apartment? If you answered yes to either of the above questions we urge you to come give us a visit at the Landmark Apartments today.

Contact us if you have any questions about our apartments in Fort Collins. Additionally, if you want to move in, simply apply online today.