While we might still have one or two more snowstorms in our near future, summer is right around the corner — we promise. At the Landmark Apartments, we love providing students of Colorado State University off-campus housing during the school year. That being said, we also love it when our residents stick around through the summer months!

Students of Colorado State University tend to leave Fort Collins after their freshman year to spend the summer at home with family, but as students get older, spending the summer in Fort Collins becomes more and more appealing.

If you are on the fence about staying in Fort Collins this summer, we hope the following blog post convinces you to stay. So join us as we discuss 7 things that we think every student should do before the summer is over and next year’s classes start up again.

Catch A Movie At the Holiday Twin

If you are spending the summer in Fort Collins, you absolutely have to catch a movie (or two) at the Holiday Twin drive-in movie theatre. Unless you are from a small midwestern town, you might not have ever had an outdoor movie experience — and if that is the case, we highly suggest it.

Nestled at the base of the foothills below Horsetooth reservoir, the Holiday Twin cultivates a movie experience like no other. So pack up your car, park it, tune in to their radio broadcast, and prepare for a double feature!

To view the upcoming schedule, click here.

See A Show At The Mishawaka

If you have never been to the Mishawaka you are missing out. The small riverside venue can only hold about 950 people and surprisingly attracts some popular acts — meaning that tickets are in high demand!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the concert lineup to see who is coming to town this summer and get your tickets fast. Also, be sure to purchase a shuttle ticket, because parking in the Cache la Poudre canyon is rather scarce.

Learn more about upcoming concerts by clicking here!

Make A Splash

When you think of a scorching hot summer day, what is the first thing that you think of? For us, it is cooling off by jumping in the water. And lucky for you, finding a body of water to jump into is incredibly easy to do in Fort Collins.

If you are a resident of our student apartments near CSU, it is as easy as walking down to our community pool. Looking for a more chilling adventure? Consider driving up to Horsetooth or hiking into Seaman reservoir to take a cold plunge.  

Head To Rocky Mountain National Park

Sure, Rocky Mountain National Park is not in Fort Collins, but it is just a short drive away. As residents of Fort Collins, we have the unique ability to drive under an hour to one of the most beautiful national parks in the country.

While Rocky Mountain National Park spans a shocking 265,769 acres of pristine wilderness, a lot of the park can be seen in one day — although we would recommend that you take a day or two to hike around and camp.

To learn more about hiking, camping, and entrance fees, click here.

Eat Your Heart Out

While Fort Collins is known for being a restaurant mecca, it is not the local restaurants that shine during the summer — it is the food trucks. Food trucks are the complementary puzzle piece to the brewery culture of Fort Collins, but after gaining popularity, the food trucks no longer need breweries to survive.

Every Tuesday evening from mid-May through September local food trucks will set up shop on Sheldon Drive in City Park. To make it even better, each evening has free music. So grab a lawn chair and get ready to eat!

Tube The Poudre

Tubing the Cache la Poudre River through Fort Collins is almost a right of passage — if you are brave enough to face the cold waters, that is. While the summers can get really warm in Fort Collins, most of the water in the Poudre comes from snowmelt — meaning that even on the warmest days the water can feel a bit brisk.

So grab a tube and hit the water today. With two location options (the Poudre canyon between the filter plant and Picnic Rock and in Lee Martinez Park) you can choose for a rough ride through small rapids or a lazy float in slow-moving water.

Tour The CSU Flower Garden

If you consider yourself to be a naturalist, there is only one place in the state that you can find every native plant — the CSU flower garden. Located next to Colorado State University’s University Center for the Arts, the free flower gardens include a wide range of perennial and annual flowers — some of which we would assume that you have never seen before. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out today!

Whatever You Do This Summer, Let The landmark apartments Be Your Home Base

You can probably tell from today’s blog that there are a number of fun activities to complete in Fort Collins — and we barely scratched the surface. In fact, it might even take you years to check every activity off of your list. That being said, this summer is a good time to start.

If you are looking for a good place to call home base this summer we urge you to check out our student apartments in Fort Collins. In fact, swing by today to check out community out! If you have any questions about our apartments near CSU, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.

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