As summer draws to an end, students from all over the country are beginning to migrate back to Fort Collins for the impending 2019-2020 school year. While it is an exciting thought for most students to be back home in “Fort Fun,” the moving process can be rather difficult and stressful. 

Whether you are moving into a dorm as a freshman or moving into CSU off-campus housing, moving can either be an easy experience or a difficult one — it all depends on how well you prepare. 

At the Landmark Apartments, we take great pride in being one of the closest off-campus student housing options in Fort Collins. That being said, we want our new residents to have a positive experience when moving into their new off-campus apartments, so today we will be providing you with a few of our favorite tips and tricks that can help to make moving in a breeze. 

Continue reading to learn how to make your move into your off-campus student apartment quick and pain-free!

Coordinate With Your Roommate

One of the most important things to do when you are moving into an off-campus apartment is to coordinate with your roommate before you do so. There is nothing worse than having two separate parties moving two separate piles of belongings into two separate rooms — all while having to use a single front door. 

Not only will coordinate the move with your roommate keep you out of each other’s way, but it will also allow you to help each other and expedite the process. 

Lift With Your Legs & Use A Dolly

You’ve heard it 1,000 times before. “Lift with your legs, not your back!” Believe it or not, all of the times that your parents berated you about your lifting technique, they were doing so in your best interest. 

Moving is a high-strain activity, meaning that if you lift something off-balance, or incorrectly, it can result in a serious injury. To avoid injury, lift with your legs, use a spotter, and use a dolly or hand-cart whenever you have the opportunity to minimize your risk of injury. 

Hire A Moving Company’

Say your application to lease one of our third-floor apartments is approved — what will you do to get all of your belongings up the stairs. For some, doing so is as easy as recruiting a handful of friends. For others, however, the best remedy to the situation is to hire movers to help you carry your belongings up the stairs.  

Most people don’t hire movers in this situation because they fear that the cost might be too high. In reality, it can be rather cheap to hire a couple of extra hands. Not to mention that a three-man crew of movers can move one person’s belongings up a couple of flights of stairs in under an hour.

Stay Tuned For Part Two Of Today’s Blog

If you are interested in learning more tips and tricks that can help you when moving into your new off-campus apartments, here at the Landmark Apartments. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.