If you read part one of this two-part blog series, you likely know a few ways to optimize the moving process when you move into your off-campus apartment in Fort Collins this fall. Another thing that you might realize if you read part one of this blog series is that the fall semester is quickly approaching — and since the last blog that you read it is now even closer. 

As your move-in date approaches, it is important that you prepare to make your move-in day move seamless. Below, we will continue to discuss a few tips and tricks that we believe will help your move-in day be quick and painless. 

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Label Everything — Seriously, We Mean Everything!

If there is one simple thing that you can do to make the move-in process easier, it is to clearly label all of your boxes. While it might seem unimportant, being that it is all going to the same place anyway, labeling your boxes can save you a ton of time. 

When you are labeling your boxes, it is important to clearly notate what is in each box on a minimum of three sides. Why is it important to label three sides? Think about it — when you stack your boxes in your apartment, it is more than likely that the label will be covered up if it is on the top or one side of the box. By labeling it on three sides, you can ensure that at least one of the labels will always be visible.

Consider The Order That You Move The Boxes

If there is one lesson that you can only learn by messing it up the first time, it is that there really is an order to moving boxes into your off-campus apartment. All too often, students move their couch, living room boxes, and dining room boxes into their apartment only to have to walk around them while carrying other boxes to their rooms. 

Instead of making things more difficult for yourself, take those wonderfully labeled boxes that you made for yourself and move the boxes that need to go to the bedrooms, kitchen, and any other back rooms before you move boxes full of common space items. Trust us when we say you will notice the difference. 

Order Food When You Are Almost Done

While it might seem unrelated to the actual moving part of move-in day, ordering food for delivery when you are almost done is a great way to make the move more comfortable. Often times, when people are moving, they tend to forget that they are hungry — only realizing that they are hungry when the last box gets set down.

If you don’t order food, your options are to go pick up the food yourself or try to find the proper pots, pans, utensils, and food in your apartment to cook a meal for yourself. Additionally, if you have friends and family members that help you move, ordering them some food is a great way to say thank you!

The Landmark Apartments Wishes You Luck On Move-In Day!

We hope that some of the tips and tricks that we discussed in this two-part blog series make your move-in day quick, easy, and pain-free. If there is anything that we can do to help you, or if there are any questions that we can answer for you in regard to moving into our off-campus apartments near CSU, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.