Before we get into today’s topic, we should first define what a private landlord is. A private landlord is a landlord that rents their property out to tenants. In Fort Collins, the most common type of private landlord is a homeowner that wishes to rent our their house to college students — but private landlords can also rent out properties like condos, townhomes, or apartments. 

As freshmen are leaving the on-campus life at Colorado State University and transitioning into their sophomore year, most people immediately grab their group of preferred second-year roommates and start looking for a house near campus. Single-family homes are often a student’s first choice as they look for off-campus housing because they are quite the opposite of dorms. You would get your own bedroom, have a yard, and be able to bump into your wall without bothering a neighbor. That being said, when you move into a single-family home, you have to be careful that you don’t fall victim to an untrustworthy private landlord. 

In today’s blog, your local apartments for rent in Fort Collins will be discussing common issues that CSU students experience with private landlords, and how you can avoid these issues by choosing to live at a trustworthy Fort Collins apartment community. 

Issue #1: Discrimination

If you have been looking at different off-campus housing options in Fort Collins, you have likely noticed that apartments for rent in Fort Collins, like ours, often make it clear that they are an Equal Housing Opportunity supporter. Essentially, this means that our apartment community does not discriminate against potential tenants based off of their race, skin color, religion, sex, handicap, or familial status in compliance with the Fair Housing Act.

While the Fair Housing Act mandates that all landlords make their tennant decisions without prejudice or discrimination, private renters can get around the act by simply denying you with no explanation or by saying that someone else has taken the rental. That said, if you suspect that you have been discriminated against, contact the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

Issue #2: Repairs & Damages

Another common issue that students often experience when renting from private renters is the act of untimely repairs or false damage accusations. When you live in a Fort Collins apartment community like ours, here at the Landmark Apartments, repairs are fixed quickly by maintenance staff and the move-in condition of your rental space is thoroughly inspected before you move in. When repairs happen in a privately rented home, however, the repairs are often completed on the landlord’s timeline — and when damages are found, it becomes your word against their word situation. 

There are, however, things that you can do to protect yourself from nightmare damage and repair situations. So if you do choose to live in a privately-owned residence, be sure to read the lease carefully. Otherwise, you could always look for an off-campus apartment in Fort Collins like ours. 

Stay Tuned for Part Two — Brought To You By The Landmark Apartments

If you are looking for an off-campus apartment or single-family home rental, we urge you to stay tuned for part two of this blog series where we will be discussing more issues that CSU students run into when choosing to rent through a private landlord. In the meantime, check out our apartments for rent in Fort Collins!

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