Living in Fort Collins we are pretty lucky when it comes to winter weather. Our winters are much milder than other parts of the state. When it snows we get to enjoy the winter wonderland for a day or two until the snow melts — leaving our roads clear and dry. Additionally, if we do experience the hankering for real winter weather we can simply head into the mountains an hour west! That being said, every so often Fort Collins can cool off!

What is one thing that is absolutely necessary on a -10 degree day in Fort Collins? At the Landmark Apartments, we think the most necessary thing to have on a cold day is a cozy apartment to go home to! In today’s blog, we will be discussing a few of our favorite tips to help you transform your apartment to a cozy refuge from the cold winter outdoors.


In past blogs, we have discussed how valuable blankets can be to decorating your CSU off-campus apartments, but their real benefit lies in what they were actually made for — to keep you warm. One of the best ways to utilize blankets in your apartment near CSU this winter is to put them everywhere. A blanket by the door can provide you with a warm embrace as soon as you walk in from braving a snowstorm, while a blanket in the living room can provide you with warmth that you don’t have to leave the couch to find.

While being warm while relaxing in your student apartments is important, it is also important to be warm while you sleep — but not too warm though. To make your bed as cozy as possible this winter consider using a number of blankets in layers rather than one large and heavy blanket. In doing so you will be able to regulate your temperature easily by simply adding or removing blankets.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use The Fireplace

If you live at the Landmark Apartments there is a chance that you have a wood burning fireplace. And if you have a wood burning fireplace we suggest that you use it this winter! There is nothing better than laying by the fire (with one of those blankets in your living room), a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book — so what are you waiting for?

The only thing that we ask is that if you are unsure of how to safely use your fireplace that you contact the front desk so that they can show you — because there is nothing less relaxing than an out of control fire.

Make Your Bathroom A Cozy Sanctuary

Aside from sitting by the fireplace and burying yourself below a mountain of blankets, what is the best way to warm yourself up on a chilly Fort Collins afternoon? A warm bath! But how can you make your bathroom a cozy sanctuary? It is as simple as warm water, a bath bomb, and the lights turned down low. For absolute relaxation consider taking a warm bath, laying by the fireplace, and then crawling into bed!

If you are interested in visiting our CSU off-campus housing to see just how cozy you could make it, we urge you to contact us and schedule a tour. Do you have any additional questions about the Landmark Apartments? If so, be sure to check out our amenities and floor plans or to contact us and ask!