Ah, summer is here, and you know what that means! Sike! This is Fort Collins — the land of unpredictable weather.

As a provider of apartments for rent in Fort Collins, Colorado, we know a thing or two about the variable weather that our wonderful city experiences each year. That being said, sometimes it can be hard to determine what weather can be expected and when. Because of this, we are going to give our best effort to explain what weather you might be able to expect this summer.

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Why Is Weather In Fort Collins So Variable?

According to weather forecasting professionals, Colorado is one of the hardest places to accurately predict the weather. And if you guessed that the Rocky Mountains are to blame, you would be correct. Even down here in the foothills region where Fort Collins is, the mountains can cause localized weather events as winds and storms get trapped by the large mountains. That being said, there are trends that we can draw from that can give us a better idea of what weather to expect.

Weather In June

June is the beginning of the summer solstice, meaning that June 21 is the longest day of the year (in 2019). During the month of June, it typically becomes warmer with The average temperature high being 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 53 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the course of the month.

In addition to being a month where we experience warming trends, the month of June is also known for being the wettest month of summer. While Colorado typically gets most of its precipitation in the month of May, June is the month that receives the most rainfall during the summer — with an average of 2.17 inches.

Weather In July

In the most recent years, July has been known as the hottest month of the year, with August following closely. On a majority of days, the highs will reach 87 degrees Fahrenheit and the lows will bottom off at 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

As far as precipitation goes, the month of July sees plenty of rainfall, with an average of 1.96 inches falling over the course of the month, but don’t expect it to cool things down until late in the afternoon to early in the evening.

Weather In August

While August is not officially the last month of summer, as summer draws to a close in late September, we consider it to be the end of summer as shortly after the end of the month the temperatures will drop and start to feel more like fall. On average, the monthly highs hang around 84 degrees Fahrenheit and the monthly lows drop down to around  57 degrees Fahrenheit. August also marks the decline in precipitation for a short few months as only an average of 1.61 inches of rain will fall.

Beat The Summer Heat At the Landmark Apartments

Summer gets hot here in Fort Collins, but luckily our residents have a place to cool off. Of course, the places that we are talking about are the great indoors of our apartments for rent in Fort Collins, as well as the beautiful saltwater pool in our courtyard.

If you are interested in beating the summer heat, we urge you to come and visit us at the Landmark Apartments today! Contact us if you have any questions about applying for one of our apartments in Fort Collins. We look forward to hearing from you.

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