Ah, it’s that time of year again. The trees look like they are trying their hardest to begin budding, tulips emerge from the soft and loamy soil where they have been braving winter, and the air in the Morgan library is thick with stress, tears, and sleeping students. While it might be hard to focus on something other than the impending doom known as finals that are swiftly approaching, it is important to also be mindful of what lies beyond your tests — graduation.

At the Landmark Apartments we know a thing or two about navigating graduation weekend for one reason, and one reason only — we have spent more than a few graduation weekends in Fort Collins. While we are friendly Colorado State University off-campus housing community, we can help students like you beyond the arena of student housing. In today’s blog, we are going to provide you with some tips and tricks to surviving graduation weekend. Read below to learn more!

Communicate With Your Family

If you are a graduating senior at Colorado State University, it is more than likely that you have family coming into town for your graduation ceremony. While it might not seem like communicating with them is a priority the week before you graduate, it is. While you might be familiar with Fort Collins after living here for four years, your family might not be — meaning that they could use all the advice that they can get. Provide your family with information like what hotels are the best in the area, what restaurants are good, and other things that might affect the quality of their visit. Because as much as you might think your graduation is for you, it is also for your family.

Plan To Carpool Or Walk

Sure, as a resident of Fort Collins you already have a good idea of what it can be like to be locked up in traffic looking for a parking spot in Old Town. Seldom do you find a parking spot on your first time around the block — and if you ever do, go buy a lottery ticket right away — because you must be experiencing a stroke of luck. That being said, Old Town is not the only place that gets backed up during graduation weekend.

Come graduation weekend there will be gridlock traffic all over town. From King Soopers on Taft Hill to campus will be one long line of cars — making it faster to walk than drive the entire weekend. One way to bypass the extensive traffic that clings to campus during graduation weekend, consider meeting your family at our CSU off-campus apartments and walking with them to Moby Arena, the Lory Student Center, or any other campus location where your graduation might be.

Make Reservations

On any given night you can walk down to Old Town, park your car, and find a restaurant that you want to eat at — only having to wait an hour at most to be seated. Sadly, this is not the case when graduation weekend rolls around. In fact, during graduation weekend you might find long wait times at restaurants as far south as Loveland.

To avoid having a large group of family members waiting two or more hours to be seated, we urge you to consider finding a restaurant that takes reservations and to make them well in advance. In doing so you can all but ensure that you won’t end up with some “hangry” family members.

Make Time For Friends

Sure, you may have just endured four (or more) hard years of conquering college with your friends, but that doesn’t mean that graduation weekend is only for your family. Sure, you should spend some time with your family going to get food and drinks after graduation, but consider reserving the later part of the night for a celebration with your friends.

You might have been a self-proclaimed party animal in college, but there is no party more enjoyable than the one after graduation night because graduation night is supposed to be one of the most memorable parts of your life.

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We hope that some of the above information has proven to be helpful — after all, it can be stressful planning for graduation while also focusing on studying for finals. If you would like more information in regard to how you can best survive graduation weekend, we urge you to stop by and visit us or to contact us today!

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