Housing in a college town can be a tricky situation, as it often makes sense to move home during the summer. At The Landmark Apartments we understand, because while living in Fort Collins is extremely fun, with plenty of things to do, living at home and saving money is hard to pass up. With traditional 12-month leases being the president in our local Fort Collins community it can be hard for you, as a student to find CSU off-campus housing while also being able to go home to your parents for the summer.

At The Landmark Apartments, we are here to tell you that there are ways that you can manage a 12-month lease while also going home for the summer. In today’s blog post we will discuss apartment subletting, and a couple services that can aid you in your endeavor to sublet your CSU off-campus apartment.

What is Subletting?

Subletting is the act of leasing or transferring the lease, to another party for the duration, or a short period of time, while leasing an apartment or home. The benefit of subletting your home is that it provides you with the ability to temporarily leave, while also avoiding the costs associated with paying for an empty apartment. While it might seem as easy as posting a flyer to sublet your CSU off-campus housing, it might require some extra work to find a trustworthy candidate to take over your Fort Collins apartment’s lease. Below we have listed a couple of the reputable online services that can aid in subletting your student apartment in Fort Collins.

Subletting Services

  • Apartments.com – If you are looking for a summer sublet, start here. With an easily navigable home page, Apartments.com can help you advertise, or find the perfect summer sublet. Simply use the filter to describe or find your desired situation and submit.  Just like that, your CSU off-campus apartment can be sublet for the summer, at no cost to you.
  • Sublet.com – There you go folks — it even says it in the name. Sublet.com is a similar service to the above solution, as the dynamic website allows you to filter your search options to tailor to your exact needs. List your price, pictures, and amenities to find the perfect sublet!
  • Airbnb.com – You probably have heard of Airbnb.com’s stellar vacation rental services, but did you know that they offer to sublease solutions as well? Offer to sublet your CSU off-campus apartment for two to six months and kick back and relax while apartment hunters find you.

If you are looking to move home for the summer, or even if you already have and are continuing to pay rent on you CSU off-campus student housing, be sure to check out your options to sublet your apartment.

If you are in the opposite situation that we have been discussing and currently are looking for a student apartment in Fort Collins, we urge you to come to check out The Landmark Apartments. Located just a block from the Colorado State Campus, The Landmark Apartments are the perfect off-campus student housing opportunity. Schedule a tour or apply online today!