1. "CSU off-campus housing winter pro-tips: Making your apartment cozy." Banner.

    CSU Off-Campus Housing Winter Pro-Tips: Making Your Apartment Cozy

    Living in Fort Collins we are pretty lucky when it comes to winter weather. Our winters are much milder than other parts of the state. When it snows we get to enjoy the winter wonderland for a day or two until the snow melts — leaving our roads clear and dry. Additionally, if we do experience the …Read More

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    “Winterizing” Your CSU Off-Campus Apartments For Winter Break

    It’s October, meaning that winter break is on the horizon. Winter break is a popular break for a student here in Fort Collins, being that it is not nearly as long as summer break, but it is remarkably five times longer than spring break. Some students opt to stay in Fort Fun for a couple weeks mor…Read More

  3. "Studying in your apartment in Fort Collins near CSU" Banner

    Studying In Your Apartment In Fort Collins Near CSU

    Ahh, the crisp fall air swiftly moves around your face as dodge piles of leaves on your short bike ride home from campus. When you close the door to your CSU off-campus apartment you have the sudden urge to jump in bed — warming your cold bones with the plush quilt that Grandma made for your fresh…Read More

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    Three Restaurants Open Late Near Your CSU Off-Campus Housing

    School has just started and you are likely pretty happy to be back up in Fort Fun with your friends. While you are happy to be back up in Fort Collins, syllabus week flew by at an unfair speed — you blinked, and it was gone. By now, you likely already have your first assignments, and you are quick…Read More

  5. Unpacking Your CSU Off-Campus Apartments

    Wow, time flies. It is hard to believe that summer is over and you have already moved into your new Fort Collins apartment near CSU. If you haven't already moved into your new apartment, check out our last blog where we discussed some helpful tips and tricks that might make your move a little easier…Read More

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    Colorado State University Off-Campus Move-In Tips

    With the 2018-2019 school year just five days away it is time to start thinking about moving into your CSU off-campus housing here at the Landmark Apartments. Sure, some of you have been here with us since August 1, but some students are on their way to Fort Collins with moving trucks or trailer in …Read More

  7. Five Tips For Living In Your First Off-Campus Apartment

    Sophomore year of college is an exciting time, as for most colleges (including Colorado State University) it is time to leave your dorm and find your first off-campus residence. A popular approach that fledgling freshmen take at the end of their first year is to look for a house on a small fenced pr…Read More