1. "School is right around the corner: Do you have a place to live?" CTA

    School Is Right Around The Corner: Do You Have A Place To Live?

    Yes, we understand that the tile of this blog post may be alarming as most of you students in Fort Collins are still enjoying the 100-plus degree weather and sunny days, but it is almost July — meaning school starts again in less than a month and a half. If you don’t already have a lease in plac…Read More

  2. "Leaving for the summer? Tips to find a sublet" Banner

    Leaving For The Summer? Tips To Find A Sublet

    Housing in a college town can be a tricky situation, as it often makes sense to move home during the summer. At The Landmark Apartments we understand, because while living in Fort Collins is extremely fun, with plenty of things to do, living at home and saving money is hard to pass up. With traditio…Read More

  3. "What to look for in CSU off-campus housing" banner

    What To Look For In CSU Off-Campus Housing

    What is the best thing about attending Colorado State University (CSU)? Aside from the fact that it isn’t located in Boulder, Colorado, the best part would have to be being able to call Fort Collins home. At The Landmark Apartments, we take pride in being able to offer students at Colorado State U…Read More

  4. "Five things within 20 minutes of your CSU off-campus housing" Banner

    Five Things Within 20 Minutes Of Your CSU Off-Campus Housing

    One of the many benefits of living in Fort Collins, besides attending Colorado State University, of course, is having access to a multitude of activities within 20 minutes from your door. Here at the Landmark Apartments, your student apartments in Fort Collins, we have compiled a short list of notew…Read More

  5. "Apartment Decor: Tips & Tricks" CTA

    Apartment Decor: Tips & Tricks

    One of the largest misconceptions that we have ever heard here at the Landmark Apartments is that apartments can never have a “homey” feel because you are limited in the number of decorations that you can put up. Sure, not being able to throw a nail in the wall to hang one of your favorite pictu…Read More

  6. CSU Off-Campus Housing: Tips & Tricks

    One of the most exciting life events that some people will ever experience is going to college. You get to pack up your things and move across the state or country to move-in with a bunch of strangers that have the potential to become some of your best friends. While going to college can be extremel…Read More

  7. "Welcome... to our Landmark Apartments blog," banner.

    Welcome To Our Landmark Apartments Blog

    Hello, and welcome to the Landmark Apartments blog, where we will regularly discuss a multitude of topics ranging from ideas of things to do in the area to simple decorating and organizational techniques for your apartment. In today’s blog post, being that it is the first, we will be discussing so…Read More