It is the end of January, and most students in Fort Collins have recently kicked off their spring semester — and for some of you, it might be your last! When it comes to the school year, most people tend to see spring semester as the more difficult semester. Why is this? It could be that when most people register for classes during the summer they tend to pick the easier ones so that they can enjoy the warm weather as much as possible. Honestly, it could even be that by the time winter break is over people simply have trouble getting back into the swing of things. Before they know it, it’s May and they have to take their finals.

Because it is so hard to engage at the beginning of the semester, it is important to start off strong. In today’s blog post, the Landmark Apartments, your local source of Colorado State University off-campus housing, will be discussing a few tips that you can use to start off the semester strong.

Set Goals

One of the reasons that the spring semester can be so brutal for students is that they don’t look far enough ahead. Rather than letting finals come out of nowhere, consider setting weekly or monthly goals so that you can keep track of where you are at in the semester. The goals you can set can have to do with your grades, your study habits, or any other aspect of your career as a student, the important part is that they keep you aware of your school schedule.

Eat Well & Exercise

While it might seem counterintuitive for us to suggest doing something other than studying to make your semester easier, but altering your diet and exercise can help you start your semester off strong and focused. When you eat better, whether that be eating more or eating healthier, you can give your body (and brain) the energy that it needs to function optimally. When you add regular exercise to the mix you will have the perfect cocktail for success. Regular exercise can burn off the extra energy that you have, allowing you to focus more on your studies.

Join Extra-Curricular Activities

Another great way to start your spring semester off strong is to participate in extracurricular activities. If you begin your semester by putting in eight-hour days in the Morgan Library there is a good chance that you will feel burnt out within weeks. Rather than becoming burnt out, consider joining an extra-curricular activity like a club or an intramural sports team so that you can have a more equal balance between schoolwork and your social life.

Create A Positive Study Environment At Home

Last, but certainly not least, you can start off your semester strong by creating a positive study environment in your home. A positive study environment is a place where distractions are limited but you can still feel comfortable.

At the Landmark Apartments, your student apartments in Fort Collins, you can find the perfect study environment. Whether you find your perfect study spot to be our on-site business center or your cozy apartment, you can rest assured knowing that you can start your spring semester strong here.

Are you not already a resident of our CSU off-campus housing community? Stop by our office or contact us today to schedule a tour of our student apartments in Fort Collins.