Ahh, the crisp fall air swiftly moves around your face as dodge piles of leaves on your short bike ride home from campus. When you close the door to your CSU off-campus apartment you have the sudden urge to jump in bed — warming your cold bones with the plush quilt that Grandma made for your freshman year. But wait! “I have to study for my test tomorrow!”, you exclaim. “But… what if… I studied in bed?”

Stop what you are doing right there! We all know how this story goes. You get in bed, crawl under the covers, pull out your textbook to study, and then you fall asleep. If you get in bed, there is hardly a possible situation where you get out of bed both well informed and ready to take your test.

As a source of Colorado State University off-campus housing, we, here at the Landmark Apartments understand the difficulties associated with studying in your own home. You have to keep yourself from getting distracted while also paying attention to your schoolwork. But what is the alternative? Studying in the Morgan Library? No thanks!

In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few of our favorite tips for studying at home.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

As we stated in our lengthy introduction, it is important that you do not become too comfortable in your student apartments when preparing to study. You live a busy life, meaning you are always tired. So the second you lay in bed or throw on those pajamas, you have already given up on studying to the best of your ability. So grab a chair, sit at your desk, and study before you get too comfortable!

Multitask Within Reason

There is a huge debate in regard to if multitasking is actually beneficial to students when studying, but at the Landmark Apartments, we just have to say that it is different for everyone. Some people cannot listen to music as they work, but for others, music while studying helps them thrive. Instead of trying not to multitask, simply try to regulate it — i.e. don’t text, listen to music, and study while you have the television on in the background.

Take Breaks

While taking a break from studying might seem to be a little counter-intuitive, it is not! Studies have shown that short breaks can actually be beneficial to your retention of information. Now, we aren’t saying that you should watch a Netflix episode for every 30 minutes of studying (you don’t want to go down that rabbit hole), we are simply saying that you should get up and walk around every once and awhile! In fact, our paths at our apartments in Fort Collins, CO near CSU are perfect for a quick study-break walk.

Find A Quiet Place — A Place Like The Landmark Apartments

Here at the Landmark Apartments, we understand that studying can be difficult, but there are ways to get it done. The tips that we have provided above combined with a strong work ethic and will to graduate are more than enough to ensure that your studying goes smoothly. If you are looking for student apartments that are quiet and perfect for studying, look no further than the Landmark Apartments, your local apartments in Fort Collins near CSU.

Not only are our apartments perfect for students to study in, but they are also within walking distance to campus. So what are you waiting for? Become a part of our student apartment community today!

Schedule a tour today or contact us for more information. Are you already convinced that the Landmark Apartments is the place to be? Apply online today!