It is that time of year again and Taste of Fort Collins is back in town for the long weekend. For those of you that might be new to the Fort Collins area, Taste of Fort Collins is a fun-filled three-day festival that highlights some of the best food and libations that the city of Fort Collins has to offer. Did we mention that there is a ton of live music too?

At the Landmark Apartments, we have a long list of reasons why we love Fort Collins so much, and the Taste of Fort Collins festival is one of the top items on our list. Because of that, we thought that it might be fit for us to discuss the upcoming festival and provide you with some insight as to what makes this event so great. Continue reading to learn more!

First Things First: Where You Can Access Information About The Festival?

When it comes to information about apartments for rent in Fort Collins, we are without a doubt your go-to source for information. That being said, we can only provide you with very basic information about things that aren’t our specialty, so if today’s blog leaves you with any questions about Taste of Fort Collins after reading today’s blog, we urge you to visit the festival’s website. Even though we aren’t experts on the festival, we will give it a try below. So keep reading!

The Food

Being that the festival’s name is Taste of Fort Collins, it is pretty easy to guess that there will be a lot of food there for you to choose from. While that is not usually a point that festivals market to convince people to attend, it is actually pretty special in Fort Collins because almost all of the food vendors are local!

For a full list of food vendors that will be in attendance this year, click here.

The Drinks

Something that most people don’t realize about Taste of Fort Collins is that the word taste refers to much more than the mouthwatering food trucks and stands in attendance — it also refers to the various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that vendors will be selling. Featuring craft beers and spirits from Fort Collins and domestic beers from elsewhere, there is sure to be a drink at the festival that will quench your thirst.

If you would like to see a full list of what drinks will be available, click here.

The Music

If you have been to Taste of Fort Collins before, you likely know that even with all of the food and libations that are available for consumption, the music is the real attraction. This year’s festival features a number of fun local bands and four headliners. So stop by and check out performances from Lovelytheband, Rick Springfield, Dreamers, and Uncle Kracker.

For a full musical lineup, click here.

Have Fun At Taste of Fort Collins!

Like we said, we aren’t experts when it comes to the Taste of Fort Collins festival, but if you ever need to know anything about apartments for rent in Fort Collins, feel free to contact us and ask!

We hope you have fun at this year’s Taste of Fort Collins, and if you are ever looking for an apartment in Fort Collins, we urge you to consider checking out our community!

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