When you are a freshman, you have no choice but to go home over winter break, as the dorms close for weeks at a time leaving you without a bed and a roof over your head. But now that you are a sophomore, junior, or a senior living in CSU off-campus housing, you have a place to stay over winter break should you choose to opt out of traveling home.

Some upperclassmen still decide to go home for the holidays because they assume that all of their friends are going home as well. While yes, this is true, you really only need to have one or two friends around to have a fun time in Colorado! In today’s blog your source of off-campus housing near CSU, the Landmark Apartments, will be discussing a few of the things that you can do in, or near, Fort Collins that makes us think that you might want to stick around.

Take A Carriage Ride

Have you ever found yourself stumbling from one college bar to another, only to be cut off by a horse? While you might not remember your encounter with a horse and carriage, we have no doubt that you subconsciously remember it — and you subconsciously remember how fun it looked too. With Old Town as empty as it is during winter break take advantage of it and schedule a horse and carriage ride.

Hit The Slopes

If you are looking for the true “Colorado experience” we strongly urge you to consider grabbing some skis or a snowboard and heading west. Nestled in the mountains of Colorado there are a large number of fun resorts where you could spend the day or the week. Just remember, wear a helmet, don’t wear jeans, and have a good time.

Sled At EPIC

If you are a true resident of Fort Collins you know that there is one sledding hill that is rather epic. And by epic, we mean the Edora Pool Ice Center (EPIC) at Edora Park. Sure, coming here in the summer might mean that you have to dodge people on bikes and Frisbee golf discs, but in the winter, all you have to do is look up — well, uphill we mean, because the last thing you want is for a kid on a sled to help you lose your footing.

Go Skating Downtown

While Old Town Square is known for live music in the summers, it is known for ice skating in the winter. Is there a girl or guy that you like? Grab them and take them on down to the rink! And who knows, if they can’t skate, you might even get a little hand-holding action. But get there early — this ice rink fills up fast.

Stay Inside

You already live in one of the best apartments for rent near CSU, so you really don’t even need to go outside if you don’t want to. Grab a movie, some snacks, and a friend and be homebodies!

Do you not already live at the Landmark Apartments? Apply today! There, problem solved.