Must-Have Fort Collins Decor

There’s some things in Fort Collins that are just enjoyed by everyone and are a part of the culture. Adding those little pieces of our community flavor to your apartment can’t have any downsides. 

If you’re looking for a place to start your collection, go to the Cupboard. Everyone needs a kitchen gadget or a cute holiday decor piece from the Downtown Fort Collins staple. They have everything from tasty, hard to find candies, impressive kitchen gadgets, and cute, curated decor pieces that can add a lot of character to any space. Plus, they’re a must-visit for any FoCo new comers. 

Up next, a Silver Grill mug is a must-have. If you have somehow missed the magic of the Silver Grill, you should remedy that immediately. Go try some cinnamon roll french toast, enjoy a bloody mary and grab a mug to bring home afterward. 

After you’ve got those main pieces of FoCo culture in your arsenal, you’ll want to turn to a piece that’s a bit more inspired by pure utility. Every FoCo resident should have a good pair of hiking boots at the ready at all times. Fort Collins has easy access to many paved and unpaved trails that surround and weave 

throughout the city. They add character, but they add a way to convene with nature throughout the whole community. If you don’t have a pair, stop by one of the local outdoors shops to pick up a pair that you can rely on. You’ll need them in order to fully experience the benefits of living in FoCo