1. Colorado Coronavirus Safety & Readiness

    If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you have likely learned that there have been two “presumptive positive” Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the state of Colorado in the last week — meaning that the virus could have finally crossed our state lines. The Coronavirus has been spr…Read More

  2. Winter Hacks for Your Fort Collins Apartment

    It’s officially winter in Fort Collins. Snow is starting to fall regularly and the temperature is starting to drop. That said, just because it’s cold and snowy outside doesn’t mean that it has to be cold and uncomfortable in your Fort Collins apartment. As a provider of apartments for rent in …Read More

  3. Common Issues With Private Landlords: Part Two

    As we discussed in part one of this two-part blog series, it is not uncommon for Colorado State University students to run into issues when they rent from a private landlord. Unlike apartments in Fort Collins, much of the renting process is up to the private landlord’s discretion being that the ho…Read More

  4. Common Issues With Private Landlords: Part One

    Before we get into today’s topic, we should first define what a private landlord is. A private landlord is a landlord that rents their property out to tenants. In Fort Collins, the most common type of private landlord is a homeowner that wishes to rent our their house to college students — but p…Read More

  5. What To Look For In An Apartment For Rent In Fort Collins

    Are you one of the many people that are moving to or considering moving to Fort Collins? If so, the apartment search can start to feel like a rat race where you need to find the perfect living space before all of the high-quality apartments in town get claimed.  While timing is a factor that you ne…Read More

  6. Planning Your Gameday Experience at Colorado State University

    At the Landmark Apartments, we love being an apartment complex within walking distance to Colorado State University for students in need of off-campus student housing in Fort Collins. And if you come to visit us, you might just see why our apartments are so popular with local students.  One of the …Read More

  7. How To Keep Your Apartment In Fort Collins Cool This Summer

    It is summer, here on the Front Range, and you know what that means — it is incredibly hot outside. Bobbing back and forth between the mid 80’s and mid 90’s, it can be unbearable to be outside. While the simple solution might seem like cranking the air conditioner and taking refuge inside, doi…Read More